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Shapes of Rocks… Artist Judith Gould

“I look intensely at the shapes of rocks, land and water and the interplay between the sky and water.. I live in the Thousand Islands. I love the river, I love the shoreline and I am captivated by the water/sky relationship.”

Judith Gould, Artist, Hill Island

Yes, living on Hill Island provides as much artistic inspiration as artist Judith Gould says she needs. Her studio on the east end of her beautiful home overlooks the river through a curtain of trees, and like many of us, she finds peace and solitude looking out, no matter what the season.

Judith spent her formative years in California, where her mother sent her to an art class at eight and it was her high school art teacher who suggested she had a talent, saying emphatically, “Judith you should go to Art School.” Taking his advice she enrolled at York University and graduated in the Fine Arts (Honours) program specializing in print making.

Drawing was her passion and as sketching Toronto architecture seemed an easy task, she was able to earn tuition and spending money taking commissions. Her favourite was an assignment from Marshal McLuhan’s daughter, who wanted a drawing of the well-known Canadian philosopher’s home captured as a gift.

However, like many aspiring artists she made the decision after graduating, marrying and starting her family, to give up her career in print making. But, her artistic eye provided expertise in design and she had a natural talent for planning and organization. She worked for British retailer, Marks and Spencer, for several years, which brought her to Kingston, where she and her family settled on Hill Island. It was then she took on new challenges, including formal teaching.

Judith completed a Master of Education from Queen’s University, with specialization in adult learning. She was a faculty member with St. Lawrence College and Loyalist College before retiring as the Organizational Development Educator at the Kingston General Hospital.


In 1995, Judith decided to take an art course in Clayton at the Thousand Islands Art Centre (formerly the Hand Weaving Museum). The teacher/artist was Hans Junga and it took all of five minutes for her to realize that she was transformed back into the art world.  In fact, Junga asked, “Why are you taking this course, you are an artist.”

Yes, Judith was and is an artist and luckily for us she has come full circle and returned to her drawing and watercolours.

Today she combines her art and her teaching. She often provides workshops, through not-for-profit agencies, including Kingston Seniors Association and Independent Living Centre Kingston.  "Art and Self-Expression," a workshop for persons with mental health challenges, has been delivered through Kingston General Hospital and the Independent Living Centre.

Judith's work has received awards in the region and has appeared in various galleries and shows in Toronto, Kingston, Brockville and New York State. This summer she and American artist Linda McCausland presented an art show and sale titled: “A River Runs Through Us,” at her Hill Island studio.

We asked if we could share a sample of her work and we are pleased to present these paintings - where we, too, can appreciate her Shapes of Rocks…

Acrylic Spring 2014
“River Series #3” Acrylic – Private Collection
“River Series #1”  Acrylic – Private Collection
“Near Landon Bay” Acrylic – not sold
“Hill Island Ends” Watercolour – Private Collection
“Sunset Spirit – Thousand Islands” Watercolour – not sold

[Note:  prints are available of all of the paintings in the article.]

By Susan W. Smith,

Editor, Thousand Islands Life Magazine.

Posted in: Artists
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Patrica Butchart
Comment by: Patrica Butchart
Left at: 10:44 PM Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Beautiful work. Great story.
Herb Swingle
Comment by: Herb Swingle
Left at: 6:41 AM Thursday, October 16, 2014
Fantastic work and story!
Nancy Bond
Comment by: Nancy Bond ( )
Left at: 3:35 PM Monday, October 20, 2014
These Paintings are wonderful, This lady has a great talent. I collected rocks when I was a little girl and have always thought that there's a story connected with every one of them. These paintings capture that thought. They're Great,
Stephanie Fairbairn
Comment by: Stephanie Fairbairn
Left at: 12:44 PM Friday, November 28, 2014
Love all of this work. Is there an email or anything to get in contact with this artist to purchase some art?
Susie Smith
Comment by: Susie Smith
Left at: 1:32 PM Friday, November 28, 2014
Yes, Here are the links to contact artist, Judith Gould.

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