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Photo © Ian Coristine/
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TI Life Happenings December ‘14

Each year's December issue is my favorite.  Thanks to Ian Coristine our TI Life’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest winners were chosen from over 160 submissions.

Regulars Lynn Elfresh and Captain Brian Johnson provide two wonderful pieces.  Lynn’s Island Anatomy … A Test, is a test to see how well you know which end is up! Brian generously shares, Wolfe Islander Lost in Snowstorm, a chapter from his soon-to-be-published book, “Ferry Tales from Wolfe Island’. 

Richard Withington’s title says it all… Nylons in the Shower… A Withington Review. and John Peach’s Fish Tale … in an Antique St. Lawrence Skiff, is written by the man himself.

Nancy Bond, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and writer (not necessarily in that order) presents Christmas Long Ago.

Gretchen and Terry Bambrick always wanted to get married in Half Moon Bay and they give us, 35-years later, Our Past, Celebrated in the Present.

Want to visit the Thousand Islands?  Robert Matthews gives us All Aboard for the Thousand Islands; and Douglas Vittum takes us on a 4-day WCCB Fall Trip.

New Contributors

Douglas Vitton - Wine Country Classic Boats’ Fall Trip

Douglas was born and raised in Western NY State. He and his wife Barbara, now live near Canandaigua Lake, in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. They spend winters in southwest Florida.

Douglas retired in 1999 after more than 30 years with the NY State Police. A US Army veteran, he served in Vietnam. He continues to enjoy travel, wooden boats, dual sport motorcycle riding, clay-pigeon shooting, and hunting.

This story is one that he wrote for his ACBS Chapters Newsletter, as he has done for almost 20 years.  WCCB is an ACBS Chapter. ACBS is headquartered in Clayton, NY. ( There are 56 ACBS Chapters in the US, nine of them are in NY State.

Gretchen and Terry Bambrick - Our Past, Celebrated in the Present.
Gretchen is a native of Gananoque and the islands. Her childhood summers were spent on Big White Calf Island (in the Admiralty Group), where life was all about sailing, canoeing, motor boats and Canoe Club dances! She and her husband, Terry, lived and worked in Wisconsin for 28 years before retiring to summers in Gananoque and winters in Vermont.

Terry is from Ottawa and worked in engineering management, in the pulp-and-paper industry in Canada, USA and abroad.  He is well known in the Gananoque region for encouraging boating safety.  Many a youngster (and adult) can become a "River Rat" if Terry finds them in a boat WEARING their life jackets. 

We found our photographer, Robin Watson (nee Webster)!

Robin, from Petrolia, Ontario, and her husband, Jason, grew up on the Rideau-river system in the town of Newboro, Ontario. They now live in Toronto where Robin is a CT technologist and Jason works for the Province of Ontario.


Closing the Circle:

Jason and I took his mum to Boldt Castle on a day trip from Gananoque, Ontario. We were up on the balcony, and looked down at the waterfront.  There was a man on one knee and I just had to capture this moment. 

A lady next to me, cheered the couple on, as they stood and hugged.  It was beautiful, and being a newlywed (married August 2013), I was touched.

We couldn't really tell what the people looked like from the photo taken, as they were too far away and there were a lot of people visiting the Castle that day. There was even a wedding about to happen.”

At home, I looked at the photos and thought it might be fun to find the couple in the photo.  “I posted the photo and started a twitter feed #findthecouple and I am really pleased to have found them.”

Written by Robin Watson

We are pleased to report that TI Life has connected Alexandra Dennison and Nathan Hawley, with Robin and Jason Watson and the high resolution photograph is in the mail!  We also learned that Jason Watson is a photographer so we look forward to his returning with his camera!

Thanks to all for helping to make this happen! 


Want to catch a Muskie?

There is a 5-foot Muskie in the Thousand Islands…  Actually it is the latest William S. Salisbury creation and was erected in Frink Park on Clayton's waterfront, in November.  Although created by the sculptor-artist Will, the project was instigated by Jeff Garnsey, as a tribute to his family and all other families who have been fishing in the area for several generations. 

Toronto International Boat Show

A favorite excursion for those who remain in the North Country, is a January visit to the Toronto Boat Show. This year, RiverQuest's booth will feature the RiverQuest PlayPort and videos and printed material from more than 60 RiverQuest Partners.  If you are planning to attend, they are Booth G903.

The Toronto Boat Show runs from January 10-18, 2015, at Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.  This is one the world’s leading boat shows with between 72,000 and 82,000 visitors each year.

Clayton’s Christmas Parade and Fireworks

Missed the parade… and fireworks?  No problem.  Thanks to Horizon Aerial Media, we can enjoy the parade and fireworks; as it takes 6:20 minutes to enjoy the whole production. 


A Horizon Aerial Media Services Production.  Be sure to check them on Facebook

For use on iPads, smart phones and tablets:

Cottage Life TV

Want to see the Thousand Islands on TV?  Cottage Life’s producer, Barb Margetts, shot segments for four episodes of “My Retreat” here this summer.  Raleigh Island was aired on December 2nd (episode 8), while Honey Bee Island (in the Rift), was featured on December 9th. Alcatraz Island (the little island next to the 1000 Islands Parkway with the arched bridge) will be aired on December 16th. The show pauses through the holidays before featuring Shanty Island (south side of Grenadiers) on January 6th.  Initial airings are on Tuesdays at 10:00 PM, with several repeat airings during the following week. For more information visit the Cottage Life site:

Please Don’t Forget

FACEBOOKRemember our facebook page throughout the month, as we post information and photographs & follow us on twitter 2

We also appreciate having you hit our  donate button[3] button and donate! 

Question:   Do you write about The River - near to it, from above or below?  If so, please consider submitting an article.  Let us know what you like, or dislike, about TI Life, so we can all share more ideas.  And… most of all; please ask questions and leave comments.

Answers to the Test  (Located in another December article
1.  I
2.  Between D-J
3.  C
4.  B
5.  Not on map – head of Long Rock
6.  A
7.  D
8.  J
9.  H
10.  G
11.  E

By Susan W. Smith, Editor

Special thanks to our editors: David Ray & Bill Stallan; and proof readers Jane Taylor, Beverly L. Ouderkirk & Georgia Barker.
  • Season's Greetings - Thanks Dennis McCarthy for sharing the perfect one!

    Season's Greetings - Thanks Dennis McCarthy for sharing the perfect one!

  • Janet Sullins captures the first ice of the season!.JPG

    Janet Sullins captures the first ice of the season!.JPG

  • Photo by Janet Sullins.JPG

    Photo by Janet Sullins.JPG

  • Doug Tulloch reminds us to get the helmet ready, but wait until the River is well frozen.

    Doug Tulloch reminds us to get the helmet ready, but wait until the River is well frozen.

  • Another great Dennis McCarthy Photo

    Another great Dennis McCarthy Photo

  • Clayton's Parade '14, Photo by Dennis McCarthy

    Clayton's Parade '14, Photo by Dennis McCarthy

  • Linda Crothers shares an early morning shot

    Linda Crothers shares an early morning shot

  • Lynda Crothers gets ship and birds all in one!

    Lynda Crothers gets ship and birds all in one!


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Herb Swingle
Comment by: Herb Swingle
Left at: 6:47 PM Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Thank you Susan! Once again a superb issue.How have you been?

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