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Photo © Ian Coristine/1000IslandsPhotoArt.com
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Wolfe Island Wind Turbines

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The following links are compiled for TI Life readers - However, there are many more.  These are not placed in any order, but rather listed as found on the Internet when doing search on wind power.

Wind turbines Wolfe Island
Tibbetts Point Lighthouse from Fuller Bay showing wind turbines across the St Lawrence River on Wolfe Island. Photo courtesy Rollin V. Hanson.
View from Pleasant Valley Road
The turbines across the river from the Pleasant Valley Rd, the hill is the highest point in the town of Cape Vincent. Photo Rollin V. Hanson.



Google search from April 22-May 1, 2009

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April 22, 2009
Wind Farms Ontario

Reports of wind farm health problems growing

CTV.ca - ‎Apr 22, 2009‎

McMurtry told the committee that until there are rigorous epidemiological studies of the health effects of wind turbines, Ontario should not go ahead with ...

People near wind turbines report health problems Sarnia Observer

Wind turbines cause health concerns: study Standard Freeholder

all 10 news articles »

April 23, 2009   
Wind Farms NY

New York offshore lakes wind project seeks ideas

Reuters - ‎1 hour ago‎

The NYPA is owned by the state of New York. The NYPA wants to have within five years at least 120 megawatts of wind turbines in waters off northern New York ...

NY Power Authority Proposes Wind Power In Great Lakes Wall Street Journal

NYPA Considering Wind Power Off Great Lakes Jamestown Post Journal

NY wants offshore wind projects in Great Lakes The Associated Press

WNED  - Buffalo News

all 135 news articles »

April 23, 2009
Wind Farms NY

GE Energy Financial invests $200 mn in wind power

Power Engineering Magazine - ‎Apr 23, 2009‎

In mid-2007, GE and Noble invested $564 million for three wind farms in New York, with a total output of 282 MW. Noble began building the latest three wind ...

Noble Environmental Power receives long-term capital from GE for ... Renewable Energy Focus

and more »

  Barn on Wolfe Island
A barn on Wolfe Island  clearly showing the size of the turbines. Photo by Rollin V. Hanson
April 26, 2009

Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Ontario Green Energy Act

Canada NewsWire (press release) - ‎Apr 26, 2009‎

... plan to put a wind measuring device off the Scarborough shore, while 84 per cent of Essex County residents support plans to build wind farms there. ...

April 26, 2009

Clayton panel seeks to alter wind law

WatertownDailyTimes.com - ‎Apr 26, 2009‎

Surveys will be sent out to more than 200 property owners along from Bartlett Point Road to the town of Cape Vincent border who could connect their homes to ...

April 28, 2009

Town supervisor at fault for wind problems

WatertownDailyTimes.com - ‎Apr 28, 2009‎

What a mess we have in Cape Vincent. The wind developers are knocking on the door, and we do not have a wind power zoning law to control what they do once ...

April 29, 2009

Canada needs to follow wind energy guidelines

Standard Freeholder - ‎Apr 29, 2009‎

There is intense opposition to expanding wind farm operations in the Cape St. Vincent region of Northern New York State where powerful winds blow off the ...

May 1, 2009

More power to wind power

Globe and Mail - ‎6 hours ago‎

All this in a compact, densely populated country, compared to Ontario, which, as he states, met all of 0.8 per cent of its needs in 2008 from wind. ...

Progress Illinois

Special Report: Climate change demands wind energy

Meaford Express - ‎22 hours ago‎

  " The sunset at Tibbetts Point  that is no  longer possible to view or photograph without turbines from Fuller Bay."  Photo sent to TI  Life and comment by Rollin V. Hanson.  


Compiled by Susan W. Smith, Editor TI Life

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Louise Ford
Comment by: Louise Ford ( )
Left at: 6:44 AM Friday, May 15, 2009
I have not yet arrived for the summer at my home on head of Grindstone Island but having seen these photos and received e-mails from neighbors I guess this is now my view. I am ENRAGED. The St. Lawrence River, 1000 Islands area is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With these wind turbines that is now gone. GONE !

NOTHING about these wind turbines is sensible. They are destroying the scienery and DESTROY is NOT to harsh a word; These turbines produce so little energy that compared to other forms of power plants they are not even in the same league. Look how many of them they have to put up to produce so little ! The other forms of power plants do not cause the visual and audible damage that wind turbines do for such a large area. These things can be seen for miles and miles.

I live in England when not on the St. Lawrence and a few years ago the green movement pushed wind turbines to be built all over this beautiful country. In many cases they cost more money to keep running then the energy they produce. I don't think the building of them has stopped but it has certainly slowed down. People are realizing they are NOT a inconsequential, no impact to the environment, friendly form of producing energy, that the people pushing them want us to think they are.

This really is political and those of you who voted for Obama or any other Democrats HAVE TO OWN THIS. This is what you want.... NOW you have it. But isn't if funny that when it is in your own back or front yard you protest. It's ok for some poor saps in Oklahoma but not you !! Well YOU asked for it now you have it and from the sounds of it when NY gets theirs put up you won't be able to give your homes away ! If you think the economic situation has hurt the value of our properties before now they will tank and maybe never come back again if the 1000 Islands becomes the wind turbine center it seems SOME people want us to become.

Not that I am planning on selling up any time soon unless of course living with these awful things changes the environment to a point that might drive me away. I couldn't stand the huge communications towers the Canadians put up on Wolf and the Canadian main land. More visable at night then during the day. But this is MUCH MUCH worse !

Fighting them on the US side is a MUST ! And the Canadians should do all they can to at least stop them putting up any more. Is there a leader among us who can take this on ? Save the River is the natural choice are they interested? Do they have any real sway? I guess time will tell.
John Bourne
Comment by: John Bourne ( )
Left at: 10:02 AM Friday, May 15, 2009
One of the main problems with these windfarms, in this country, is the damage done to wildlife. Birds frequently fly into the blades, with disastrous consequences.

And they are so damned ugly!

John Droz
Comment by: John Droz
Left at: 5:35 PM Saturday, May 16, 2009
My wife and I are frequent visitors to the TI area. It is indeed a treasured location.

As a physicist and long time environmental activist I can say that industrial wind energy does not cut it.

It is a technological, economic and environmental failure.

See my website for many independent studies that show how this is so. Make sure to look at my online presentation "http://www.WindPowerfacts.Info".
Joseph DeMeis
Comment by: Joseph DeMeis ( )
Left at: 10:52 PM Saturday, May 16, 2009
I am all for eliminating the windmills as the Thousand Island area ia a piece of heaven here in northern New York State. While we are at it why don't we tear down the cell phone towers as well since they are also a source of visual pollution.
Lilly Waters
Comment by: Lilly Waters ( )
Left at: 2:23 PM Sunday, May 17, 2009
My husband and I recently visited the TI area. Our immediate reaction to the windmills on Wolfe Island was my God how ugly is this!! We were in the area to look at possibly purchasing a property. There is no way we would ever consider that area at all now.

It also struck us that this may just be the beginning, where else where they planning to erect the windmills that we are not yet aware of.

My husband later commented that we are crazy allowing such a area to producers of wind power! There are plently of industrial areas along the great lakes that already exist! why not just incorporate the windmills into the existing industral areas? They should be erecting windmills next to existing nuclear power plants, cement plants, hydo stations etc. Why not line the 401 with windmills? or along side hydro towers?

I fear that those that are allowed to make these decisions for all of us are truly NOT thinking clearly.

Lilly Waters
Joseph DeMeis
Comment by: Joseph DeMeis ( )
Left at: 7:02 PM Sunday, May 17, 2009
Lilly, that is an excellent idea that you have. I know in Buffalo there is a windmill farm at the site of the old Brthlehem Steel plant. Since New York State has easements on both the thruway and I-81 windmills could be placed there as well.
Ellen Jury
Comment by: Ellen Jury ( )
Left at: 11:32 AM Monday, May 18, 2009
There is an online petition which will be going to Governor Paterson soon asking for a moratorium on wind energy development. It can be found at


Glen Grant
Comment by: Glen Grant ( )
Left at: 12:39 PM Monday, May 18, 2009
We have a cottage on the outside of CV the view across the river has been destroyed . It looks like an industrial area now when look across in the direct line of what used to be beautiful sunsets . Not to mention the 81 red lights that will be blinking in unison to destroy the night sky . We bought in the 1000's to have peace and quiet and for the beautiful views . That has been ruined forever . The whole deal with unethical behavior of the CV town board
just leaves you wondering what the state AG is doing ? The setbacks they want to use on the US is ridiculous , if they have their way we will have these monstrosities 1300 feet behind us . As another poster said property values will tank. No will want to buy any property near these things . I would rather have a nuclear plant 5 miles away than these ugly turbines .
God help us if these go up on the US side!!!
Janet Haskins
Comment by: Janet Haskins ( )
Left at: 3:17 PM Monday, May 18, 2009
We have a group of very dedicated people that are working to impact regulations and turbine placments. It is a small group up against company worth millions of dollers. However, EVERYONE ALL ALONG THE St. LAWRENCE should be involved and very concerned, and proactive. We are nearing the time when it may be too late. People MUST contact their state and Fedreal officials to save this scenic area.

Please please sign the petition and help us save the area.
Dan Colby
Comment by: Dan Colby ( )
Left at: 4:03 PM Tuesday, May 19, 2009
What a nightmare. Windmills are proven to be a mistake both in their economics and their technology. A Summer visitor to Thousand Islands for 49 years, I am crushed that this is happening. I'll sign anything that could help and call anyone willing and able to stop this madness.
Louise Ford
Comment by: Louise Ford ( )
Left at: 4:56 AM Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Nuclear energy is clean, VERY safe and MUCH MUCH MUCH more efficient. This is what we get for falling for all this green nonsense ! Today in England they have asked for a country wide moritorium on Wind Turbines because the environmental impact to everything from Peet Beds to wild life has proven to be severe ! If you read the comment from Mrs. Waters you will understand that IF any one wants to sell their land up here now you will be darn lucky to do so. And with HUNDREDS more of these things looming over our heads on the US side we can just forget about it. This coupled with my taxes having more then doubled last year makes staying not a very pleasant thought. I personally do not want to sell. I want my home back the way it should be. Not only should the turbine plans be squashed on the US side but we should FIGHT to have the Canadians take down those hideous things on Wolfe and NOT put up any more !
Nancy Lemble
Comment by: Nancy Lemble ( )
Left at: 9:23 AM Tuesday, May 26, 2009
I've been going to the River since I was nine when my parents bought their first cottage by Millens Bay, then close to the bridge and now in the village of Cape Vincent. Perfect view of those monsters looming over what had always been the most beautiful Wolfe Island. Well no more. Cape Vincent had better throw all their brochures away to take new photos and also new projected illustrations of what will be Cape Vincent very soon. The Cape will be a ghost town. Who will want to move to the Cape or think of buying? It went from the most idyllic time warped (in a good sense) perfect tiny country village being transformed to big corporations finest seizure of land. They have no one putting up a fight. In a town that small and the education level of its citizens Cape Vincent doesn't have a chance. It makes me sick to see people with wind power pro signs on their little properties. Here on Long Island the electric company tried for many years to put up turbines off the shore on the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily with all the lawyers, concerned citizens groups and all it never went through. You know it does turn out that it will cost a ton more than what's projected. Cape Vincent is being totally fooled by this company that is grateful it's citizens are so easy to manipulate. The few people whose land is being used are traiters to their ancestors. The little money they'd make is shameful to what they're doing to their tiny once quaint village. Cape Vincent might as well build a WalMart and bring in factories too. The Village board if I'm not misinformed are the same people who are profiting from this turbine deal. Where's the outrage there? Why doesn't the Watertown Times write articles on this conflict of interest? Yes I'm exactly a Not In My Backyard Person and the Cape Vincent people are a sorry bunch who are being walked over whether they know it or not. IF the turbines go through I'm sure they will all regret it. This is forever. Those monsters will be there for their generation, their childrens generation and I don't understand the passive response all these years already. Maybe only the summer residences can find a few lawyer residences who can stir up this little town and stop the rape of Cape Vincent. It seems like they can give Cape Vincent a little money and you can do anything to it. Shameful. I also would like to see Thousand Island Life do a series of articles on the grave future of the River.
We Oppose Windfarms dot org
Comment by: We Oppose Windfarms dot org ( )
Left at: 12:45 AM Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Dan Colby, I am a Danbury transplant...to Brandon, population 500. We banned turbines in February 2006. Tonight I took nasty pictures of turbines in Clinton County..I was surrounded, was like a horror show. I felt so enclosed, my gas pedal to the flooor, I can't get away quick enough. Between Altona and Clnton aka Churubusco, there are now 270 of these mosters. I get literally ill when I need to drive through them.. Wak up America, my grandkids want to know why you are handing them trash. They are the future of our community..being driven away :(. So sad.
Dan & Dorrie Szetela
Comment by: Dan & Dorrie Szetela ( )
Left at: 3:43 PM Wednesday, June 17, 2009
We had been dating only two months when Dan brought Dorrie (we were high school seniors) to Chippewa Bay. It was about Dan's 20th visit. Since age 8 he knew that this was where he belonged; where his life had the greatest meaning within God's creation.

Dorrie was quickly captured by the place and we agreed that, should we ever marrry, this is where we hoped to live, some day.

Twenty five years later, we bought a lot and built a little cottage. Ten years after that. it became our summer residence. Six more years passed before we could build a small addition and live here year 'round.

Today, we are living the dream we first shared 46 years ago. Health problems keep building and we know that our future will be far shorter than our past. So we enjoy each day and see it as a gift from God.

Our place--Legacy Cove--is on Chippewa Point. We now have the way life that we worked a whole lifetime to enjoy. The idea that our land and way of life could be destroyed by the greed of "false prophets" of Wind is terrifying.

We started out favoring wind energy. Then, we learned the facts through hours of independent research. Wind power is a desperate attempt by our nation to help solve a long standing problem. But, as with many desperate actions, it will do us little good. The promises of Wind are false. It won't solve anything and it will rape our enviornment. All this so that huge profits can be collected by foreign corporations. Sending US dollars to Spain is no betrter than sending them to Saudi Arabia. But the Wind Czars don't want average folks to know that. They don't want people to understand that they will "Mine our air, free of charge" and be GUARANTEED a profit for doing it.

Wind power is unreliable and unpredictable. In 20 years it has not reduced CO2 emissions in Europe by one gram. Wind Farm produce only 25 per cent of their rated capacity. Would you pay someone to be a full time employee and then agree that he only has to come to work ten hours a week??

The land is defensless. We must be her protectors; her gaurdians. But our local government in Hammond is acting more like the land's pimp. They will sell her off for the benefit of a tiny handful of residents in our community. And to whom? A greed driven foreign corporation from Spain.

Between outrageous taxes and the pending invasion by Iberdrola's "Wind Monsters," we see our grasp on this sacred way of life slowly slipping away. There are no adequate words to explain the anguish and sadness we feel. The "Legacy" we spent a lifetime building could soon be washed away. For 46 years, Chippewa Bay has been our refuge from the pressures of the modern world. It has shaped who we are and what we believe in. The coming generations of our family may never even know what "Legacy Cove" was. They may never know this rare place where time stands still. They may never know the comfort of a place where, in all things, "Nature doth prevail."

The odds may be against us, but we have too much to lose to stand on the sidelines and watch. If you treasure your way of life here , STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR IT.
Alan Kalbfleisch
Comment by: Alan Kalbfleisch ( )
Left at: 11:02 AM Saturday, March 27, 2010
I am an Engineering Student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Currently, I am researching the Wolfe Island wind farms for a project. Reading the comments of the residents, I am shocked at the complete ignorance of you people. Try making a real argument; use some facts to support your selfish cause.

For those of you saying the turbines will kill birds here is a fact: Skyscrapers are the leading cause of death of birds followed by house cats. Should we ban skyscrapers and house cats?

The comment from the women who blames the people who voted for Obama was quite ridiculous. The wind farm was built before Obama came in to power. Canada also has a Conservative government. Do your research before you get all political.

Saying that wind power is not enough to power our world is also an awful argument. Any sensible person would realize that we cannot depend on one source of energy. The government is trying to lessen our dependence on nonrenewable energy. Wind power is just one of the many ways we can reduce or CO2 emissions. We are aware that wind cannot power our whole world but that is not the goal. The goal is to power only part of the world with wind and a combination of other green energies.

To all of the old wealthy residents of the 1000 islands: get your facts straight before you start arguing against this engineering marvel. Maybe if your generation was more cautious with your energy needs your precious view would not be "ruined". You are the generation that destroyed our world. It is my generation that has to clean up after you. Thanks, we really appreciate it.
John Droz
Comment by: John Droz ( )
Left at: 7:51 AM Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is good that you have youthful enthusiasm.

You are correct in that wind energy's problem isn't due to birds or Obama.

The reasons that wind energy is a poor idea are that it is technically, economically and environmentally deficient.

In summary: it has very little benefits for very high cost. We can (and must) do better. There are several alternatives that are far superior.

To add to your education see "EnergyPresentation.Info".
Brian MacDonald
Comment by: Brian MacDonald ( )
Left at: 7:57 AM Sunday, April 25, 2010
Descendants of my great great great great grandfather have lived on Wolfe Island for nearly 200 years. During the construction of the wind farm on the Island over the winter of 2008-09 while much of the rest of the world was suffering from a deep recession, Wolfe Island's economy was booming!

While not everyone appreciates the change in scenery, Wolfe Island is still Wolfe Island. Little else has changed.
Louise Ford
Comment by: Louise Ford ( )
Left at: 12:41 PM Sunday, April 25, 2010
Brian while I am very happy for your new found windfall (excuse the pun) the wind turbines are far from " the change in scenery".

They have ruined the view of the pristine 1000 Islands by day but at night the sky is no longer beautiful, dark and full of stars; now there are thousands of blinking bright red lights.

While your personal economy has boomed it has done so at a great cost to one of the most beautiful natural environments and those of us who have direct view, night and day of your turbines have not only lost real value in our homes because we no longer live in a pristine wilderness.

My family is three generations on Grindstone Island, not as many as you but that doesn't stop us from loving the 1000 Islands, the River and its views with all our hearts.

To have look out on your wind turbines makes us very sad and honestly quite sick ! Since this has never been the case before I would say a great deal more then "little else" has changed !!!
Brian Ward
Comment by: Brian Ward ( )
Left at: 4:54 PM Monday, April 26, 2010
These monstrosities create an industrial landscape where once there was nature. Their output is incredibly low compared to their capacity and quite often practically zero. They probably create health problems.. imagine living next to one. What a trendy fashionable boondoggle paid for by taxpayers in Ontario.
nancy lemble
Comment by: nancy lemble ( )
Left at: 10:57 PM Monday, April 26, 2010
To say that the Wolfe Island economy was booming is probably right. Past tense, was, while giant trucks were loading cement, white dust coating the roads like a vapor trail is the least of the damage done. I've rode my bicycle across the island to Kingston for 3 decades. I haven't done so since these hideous waste of money was erected but it was really so special. The quietness, hearing the birds, almost no paved roads, no electric lines going down the roads, unbelievably tranquil. I do know a few local Wolfe Islanders and they are not happy. The sound is real. They realize they got the end shaft of some stupid alternative energy scam that only creates a few jobs for a short time and in the end it's just another political takeover like eminent domain.
Brad Blake
Comment by: Brad Blake ( )
Left at: 10:43 PM Wednesday, April 28, 2010
To the zealous, idealistic young engineering student, you should show some respect rather than use the terms you did referring to old wealthy residents. This hideous industrial sprawl affects everyone, rich or poor, old or young. It particularly affects those in the noise impact zone, and all taxpayers who pay the subsidies so they even exist and the suffering ratepayers who have arbitrarily contrived renewable energy portfolio standards thrust upon them resulting in higher electricity costs.

Young man, you obviously are failing in your higher education since you refer to these huge, cumbersome, inefficient machines as "engineering marvel". Since wind requires so much redundant capacity operating at inefficient spinning reserve, it is hardly the green panacea you tout and there are much more cost effective ways of producing electricity. Perhaps that is where you should focus your education, as any engineering enthusiast would laugh at wind turbines.
Anonymous User
Comment by: Anonymous User
Left at: 2:35 PM Thursday, June 2, 2011
Anonymous User
Comment by: Anonymous User
Left at: 4:46 PM Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Comment by: Inquirer ( )
Left at: 7:13 PM Saturday, September 24, 2011
Three cheers for the Queen's engineering student! Those towers and turbines are a welcome sight. Much safer than nuclear power.

I am of the generation that the student criticized and he was correct: we wrecked the world to go a bit faster, overheat our houses and fatten our pensions. Wind will someday contribute 25% of all of Ontario's power.

I look at those windmills every day from my sailboat, and I think wind power is good!

Louise Ford
Comment by: Louise Ford ( )
Left at: 7:40 AM Monday, October 3, 2011
This is a note to Inquirer and his friend the student. I think you should actually look into modern nuclear power and its excellent safety record. The plant in Japan was not a modern plant like the ones in France and other parts of Europe.
Also just because wind power is "safer" to your mind it is a welcome sight?
Welcome to whom is the big question?
The HUGE numbers of Bats & Birds that are killed in that wind mill field on Wolfe Island. It was reported it has the highest "kill" numbers of any wind farm in ALL of North America.
Safer for those people in their boats who now cannot pick out the actual red navigation lights on the St. Lawrence because there are thousands of flashing red lights on the turbines making navigation using the channel lights all but impossible.
Safer for those people who live near to turbines who suffer from all sorts of physical and mental issues dealing with the constant flickering light, the unrelenting wooshing noise or those people whose homes are now lit up inside and out with red flashing lights all night.
Please do some actual research on medical issues that humans suffer due to living near wind turbines ...
And how lovely you get to look from your sailboat everyday at the windmills. Good for you ! Obviously you are far enough away that you are not bothered by the flashing red lights, the noise or dead birds landing on your boats deck !
Those of us who actually have homes that look at all of them do suffer and the blight to the night sky and day time vista is a real crime in an area that should be first and foremost kept for its natural beauty.

Also I hope you enjoy the turbines in 20 yrs when they are obsolete and will still be standing there doing no good what so ever. Are you aware that the power cable laid from Wolfe Island to the main land is not large enough to even transport all the energy those monsters produce on a good day.. when they have wind so most is a loss at all times? Forget about the power that they don't produce when there isn't any wind !

Ontario has vaste wastelands where zillions of wind turbines wouldn't bother a soul. And not wreck the natural beauty of a place as unique as the 1000 islands. And are not in the middle of so many sea bird and bat's flight paths ! So build all you want there.

But there are other alternatives that are very green and do not have such detrimental costs... Underwater turbines for one ... with the force of the entire great lakes coming into the St. Lawrence this would be an awesome source of unending power.. Check out what has been done in Belfast Harbor.

I am of the generation that feels that ruining a place of great natural beauty is a detrimental to "wrecking the world" as any over heated house. Mine is not by the way !

Louise Ford ( interesting Mr/Ms Inquirer has not chosen to give his name)

Ed Anderson
Comment by: Ed Anderson
Left at: 3:52 AM Friday, April 29, 2016
It's always annoying when some wind power zealot ignores all the aesthetic complaints with a subjective,meaningless sentence: "Well, I think they're beautiful!" The glib implication is "case closed!"

Or, they change the subject to "how would you like to live near a coal mine?" when they know full well that wind turbine blight is the biggest NEW invasion of scenery in modern times. Wind power gets installed in landscapes that would never see a coal mine or fracking operation, and its visual desecration is significantly worse than fracking due to the sheer height and spread of the towers, which aren't limited by geological zones.
John Droz
Comment by: John Droz
Left at: 8:19 AM Friday, April 29, 2016
Wind energy either makes sense, or it does not, based on scientifically proven facts. The evidence from independent experts is that industrial wind energy is an economic loser, and an environmental liability. See WiseEnergy.org for all the information you'll need.

Each of the TI community Towns needs to pass a quality wind ordinance — i.e. one that properly protects the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, businesses and ecosystems.

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