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Photo © Ian Coristine/1000IslandsPhotoArt.com
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TI Life in April ‘11


April is my favorite month, for the days are long, the sun is warm and the ice is gone.  It is also a favorite month to select articles as there is a lot of news to share.

Lynn McElfresh presents two features this month,  Artist Kelly Curry and Chalks Marina, Our Magic Portal (which follows our theme to recognize local marinas).

Thomas Pullyblank presents Napoleon’s Gold, Part III, his third excerpt from his soon to be published novel, Napoleon’s Gold.  We are pleased to provide a link to the book's website where TI life readers can get the exclusive pre-publication discount by visiting the Square Circle website.

Three new authors join us.  Judith Gould presents Deer Versus Gardener…,  Kim Bennett writes about the Thousand Islands Playhouse 30th Anniversary Season, and Portia Legatt reviews the most remarkable book on the architecture of the Thousand Islands in The House that Jack Built.

Mike Folsom introduces the St. Lawrence’s Seaway in

Tom King, who began sharing his father, Jim King’s, photographs with TI Life and has since discovered that once you begin to explore a subject it becomes addictive in Tom King’s Internet Research.

I announce some important happenings, with Kim’s Island Life , the Thousand Islands Ink’s glossy magazine distributed to 25,000 households on May 11th & 12th.  I also introduce New Leaders in Town, with Lisa P. Reiss and Martin Yenawine taking the helm at the Clayton Opera House and the Thousand Island land Trust respectively.  

New Contributors

Judith Gould  - Deer Versus Gardener…

Judith Gould has taught, coached and mentored both staff and managers for more than 25 years in the private and public sectors most recently the Organizational Development Educator at Kingston General Hospital.  Before joining Kingston General Hospital, Judith was a faculty member with St. Lawrence College and Loyalist College.

Judith has Master of Education from Queen’s University with a specialization in adult learning. She now works with the Mediation Centre as a mediation coach.

While Judith continues her consulting work in retirement, she has returned to her real passion – drawing and painting. She has begun a series of watercolours of the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River and is also creating an “almanac” that documents the trees in the region as 2011 is the International Year of the Forest. This spring she will teaching an outdoor watercolour course and plans to hold art workshops for people undergoing treatment for cancer.


Lin Bennett - Thousand Islands Playhouse 30th Anniversary Season

Lin Bennett has worked as a freelance writer and entertainment publicist/marketer for more than 20 years in the Kingston region and in Vancouver, BC.  She has been published in numerous magazines and periodicals, and was a past member of the Kingston Whig-Standard editorial board.  She currently writes a monthly arts blog for Kingston Life online , and is the Marketing and Development Manager for The Thousand Islands Playhouse.
Portia Leggat - The House that Jack Built

Portia Leggat studied architectural history at Queen's University before completing a Masters Degree in Library Science at the University of Toronto.She has worked at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Harbourfront Reading Series and several Canadian publishing firms. Portia currently lives in Kingston where she works part-time at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

In Memoriam

Sad news for all Thousand Islanders.

Mary Hewitt, Totem Point, Tar Island, Rockport, ON died on March 19th, 2011  in Naples FL.  

Mary  was born in 1916 and grew up in Ottawa and Toronto. From the early 20s, the family spent summers on the St. Lawrence River at Heather's Point by Brockville.   In 1939 she married Robert Hewitt in Toronto and in 1952 they moved to Montreal to found  Hewitt Equipment Limited.  In 1956 they bought Totem Point on Tar Island and later retired there.  Retaining her love of travel and boundless curiosity, Mary voyaged with Bob to virtually every continent, including a trip to the Antarctic in the 1980s.  The photograph pictured here was taken last summer by Kim Lunman.  It shows Mary doing what she loved best, being an active skipper!  Although many of her friends were well aware of the Hewitt’s care and devotion to the River, they may not know that Mary personally supported many non-profit organizations and those of us who were fortunate to know this fine lady want to say a special thanks to her for all she has done.  She will be remembered. 

(To view Mary Hewitt’s the Florida obituary notice see: Naplesnews.com online , Click here to view Irvine Funeral Home in Brockville)

Robert Russell, Hay Island, Admiralty Islands. died on April 1, 2011 IN Lancaster PA. 

We owe a deep appreciation to Bob Russell for capturing his island life in his marvelous book, “The Island”.

He was "Bob" to his adult friends and professional colleagues, "Rob" to his family.  Bob graduated in 1940 from the New York Institute for the Blind at age 16. He attended Hamilton College for two years, and later transferred to Yale, where he completed his B.A. in 1944. During those two years he competed for Yale on the varsity wrestling squad. Yale awarded him an M.A. in English in 1945. Two successive Rotarian Scholarships supported him as he began his work toward a B. Lit degree at Oxford University. He received the degree in 1951. It was at Oxford University where he met his future wife, Elisabeth D. Shaw, who was also completing a graduate degree.

His academic career was distinguished.  He published his autobiography "To Catch An Angel" in 1962. It was a New York Times bestseller, and was subsequently translated into thirty-two other languages. He published a novel called "An Act of Loving" in 1967. That was followed by another autobiographical work - "The Island," which came out in 1973. He followed that with a textbook on the teaching of English literature.  (I am smiling as I often relate how it was that book that led me on my quest for island history).

The whole Russell family has made a difference in the region. Their compound on Hay Island is special and it was Bob who encouraged each member of the family to make the islands their real home. His was a life we can all celebrate. 

( To view a full obituary notice see: Lancaster online obituary notice)

Readers’ Exchange

Tom King’s  Gananoque Boat Line–Photo Memories, published in February and More Nostalgic Vessels, published in March 2011, had a wide following .   Below are just a few of the comments: 

  • Great article Tom. The photos also bring back great memories of the "River". I summered with my parents in a small brown cottage (still standing) on the inside channel near the Glen House and Lancaster Island for many summers and remember as a kid waiting for those huge waves to roll into shore as we swam.  I grew up loving those old boats and eventually went to work for GBL and "Hal", "Harry" and "Bob" for the better part of 10 years. I started as a deckhand on the TI II (fondly nicknamed the morning star), then engineer, then at 20 acquired my ticket and worked as a mate with Marty on the TI IV. They were great times and as Brian has said many friends were made. I too had the pleasure of working with "Capt. Charles Egbert Brooks" on many a cruise and he will be missed by all of us. I been on Stonesthrow Island (the A-Frame next to MacDonald Island) since 1979 and still enjoy setting my watch to the GBL boats going by and having our pictures taken by residents of every country in the world. I applaud the GBL for their first 60 years and hope they continue to ply the mighty St Lawrence for at least that may more. Kevin Lackie, Kingston.
  • I found out about that wake from the GBL tour boats this past summer. I've just started kayaking the river and was behind St. Helena Island, in the channel, and didn't hear the GBL boat coming (the tour guides are usually chatting so I get a warning). I got hit by that wake sideways and it certainly was a roller coaster ride!! Alittle bit scary but a whole lot of fun all at the same time. R.C. Dorman, Columbia, South Carolina.
  • I remember The American Adonis very well. At the helm of my (then) pride and joy, a 14' Wolverine Wagemaker and a 10hp Johnson outboard motor, riding the wake of larger boats was a major source of teenaged boating fun. The Adonis had a very unique wake, corkscrew would be the best way to describe it. Tricky too, as you had to get the angle just right or risk the possibility of floundering. The Wagemaker is long gone but that old Johnson remains under the basement stairs. Maybe someday I’ll see if it still fires and take the grandkids for a ride on one of our Midwest man made lakes. Deane Parkhurst, Olathe, KS.
  • Great photos Tom! Thanks so much for sharing. I remember just about all these old tour boats especially the Miss Kingston as it went by our cottage every night on the way back to its base. I use to run down to the dock, jump into my 14ft cedar strip and head out to catch the wake ...ha ha ha...good times on the river! I also remember the Cutknife patrolling the river before the OPP took over those duties. I had visions of doing the same thing after I began my RCMP career. Dave Glancie, Brentwood Bay, B.C.

Coming this Spring: Patty Mondore’s New Book, River-Lations

Gold-Mountain Publishing, will be celebrating its tenth season of Thousand Islands inspirational multi-media products with the release of Patty Mondore’s new book, River-Lations: Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands. It is a collection of 36 of Patty’s favorite articles and photos from her column featured in the Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer. It also includes several previously unpublished stories and photographs. Each chapter is accompanied by one of Patty’s River photos.

Patty and her husband, Robert Mondore, own and operate Gold-Mountain productions, which is best known for its Singer Castle books, documentary DVD, and Singer Castle blog (singercastle.blogspot.com).    In March 2009 the  River-Lations: A Music Video, was reviewed in TI Life.  When Patty is not writing, photographing or singing, she is the Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator at the SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.

Those who wish to reserve a copy in advance may do so through the Gold-Mountain website at www.gold-mountain.com.

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A fairyland, that neither pen nor tongue of man may even attempt to describe... from Johnny Truesdell on Vimeo.

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Amy Pignatore
Comment by: Amy Pignatore ( )
Left at: 9:59 PM Thursday, April 14, 2011
The Thousand Islands has lost two great people. I have been to Totem Point many times as a child to play with Mary's granddaughter who was about my age.

I re-read "The Island" almost every summer, and I am sad to hear of Bob's passing. He seemed like a wonderful human being.

I can't wait to get out on the river! I wish I were there now!

Grenadier Island
Sue Proskey March
Comment by: Sue Proskey March ( )
Left at: 12:18 PM Saturday, April 16, 2011
So sorry to hear of Mr. Russell's passing. My father never forgot the night Mr Russell and friend knocked on the door late one night at Papoose Island after Mr Russell's boat hit the rocks near our island (on the way back from Clayton). This story has been one of the family river memories, as my father delighted in telling of the "surprise" late at night, the niceness of the people, and his amazement that Mr. Russell was apparently driving the boat. Condolances to the entire family.
Brian Phillips
Comment by: Brian Phillips ( )
Left at: 5:07 PM Saturday, April 16, 2011
It was so sad to learn of Mary Hewitt passing away in Florida just short of her 95th birthday. She contributed so much to Rockport. She cared so much about this area and its people.
In 1982 she and her husband Bob graciously offered Totem Point as the venue for my wife and I to be married. Both she and Bob fussed over every detail, making sure flowers were bountiful everywhere you looked and the lawn on which we stood to be married was manicured like a putting green. As we stood taking our vows passing boats stopped to admire the scene. Our wedding photographers couldn't stop taking pictures! We both felt like we were in a fairy tale. This is one of our favourite memories of Mary but certainly not the only one.

You can find a nicer presentation of her obituary online at the Irvine Funeral Home in Brockville: http://irvinefuneral.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/240/runtime.php?SiteId=240&NavigatorId=37305&op=tributeObituary&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&ItemId=707766&LinkId=221
Susie Smith
Comment by: Susie Smith
Left at: 5:50 PM Saturday, April 16, 2011
Thanks for the link. I have posted it in the artile. Susan W. Smith, Editor.
Nancy Swanson Hettinger
Comment by: Nancy Swanson Hettinger
Left at: 3:05 PM Thursday, October 23, 2014
Just came across the story on Mary Hewitt. I grew up with her daughter Nancy living across the street from them in Montreal. Our family spent a lot of time with her family at this lovely place known as Totem Point. I have many fond memories rolling down the hill in a large inner tube into the water or just playing on the island. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. So sorry to hear of her passing and my condolences to her family.

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