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When Paul Malo created Thousand Islands Life Magazine in 2007 he created a history page.  In December 2008, when TI Life was reformatted, we created this new History section.  In the future, we will continue to post new historical material.  However, for those looking for the photographs posted on the original page, we have re-posted them here:

Click Photograph to Enlarge

Ian Island 
Ina Island, from an early stereographic photograph.
First Rock Island Lighthouse

First Rock Island Lighthouse, sketched by Benson J. Lossing in 1858.

1868 engraving courtesy Rock Island Lighthouse Historical and Memorial Association

Sunnyside Cherry Island

Sunnyside, residence of Rev. George Rockwell, head of Cherry Island, c. 1880

American Canoe Association

American Canoe Association encampment held on Grindstone Island in 1885, courtesy Corbin's River Heritage

Native Peoples baskets

Native American basketmakers' encampment, from a stereographic photograph courtesy Janet Greene, Thousand Island Park.

Pine Tree Point

"Anthony Point" [Pt. Marguerite, now Pine Tree Point]

from a stereographic photograph, probably by E. & H.T. Anthony

Westminister Park Hotel
Westminster Park Hotel, from a stereographic photograph courtesy Janet Greene, Thousand Island Park.
Thousand Island Park Shop

Thousand Island Park shop, from a stereographic photograph courtesy Janet Greene, Thousand Island Park.

Thousand Island House

Thousand Islands House, Alexandria Bay,

from a stereographic photograph by James Esson, Preston, Ont.

St. Vincent gents

Cape Vincent gents. Photograph courtesy of Phyllis Gardner, Occident Island.

Frederick Island

Frederick Island, Fishers Landing. Photograph courtesy of Phyllis Gardner, Occident Island.

Manhattan Island

Judge Spencer's Residence, Manhattan Island, Alexandria Bay. Photograph courtesy Jay Stewart, Manhattan Island.

Hart Island

Hart House, Hart Island, from a stereoscopic view.

This probably is what George and Louise Boldt found when they first visited Hart Island. Like Boldt, the gentlemen seated on the rock has a beard. Boldt never was so stout, however, so this probably is Congressman E. Kirk Hart. The rare photo is of exceptional interest as perhaps the only view of the original house at close range. Hart House was moved to Wellesley Island where it serves as a fine inn. Paul Malo tells the story in his book, Boldt Castle: In Search of the Lost Story.

Calumet Castle

Calumet Castle under construction, Clayton, 1893. Photograph courtesy of Skip Rawson, Calumet Island.

Jewel Island and Nina

Yacht Nina passing Jewel Island, from a postcard.

Charles Emery of Calumet Island, acquired Nina (Irene), one of many Herreshoff-built yachts on the river, before 1897. The flamboyant patent medicine manufacturer, Rochester's H.H. Warner, built "Stoney Crest" on Jewel Island near Alexandria Bay in 1888. The landmark was demolished in order to widen the main channel for the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Frontenac Island

St. Lawrence at Frontenac, c. 1909, from a larger panoramic photograph.